Another excellent book review for OF HONEST FAME

Of Honest Fame has had another excellent review on the website Broken Teepee.

“I found myself lost,” wrote the reviewer, “in story full of page turning intrigue. And not the whitewashed type you get in some novels, the real look over your shoulder because someone is trying to kill you intrigue.”

The reviewer went on:  “This is a thinking person’s book. … An excellent book for someone who truly loves history and how people react to war.”

We’re very glad you enjoyed it.

Speak the Speech, I Pray You… « Terry Kroenung’s Authorial Bloviations

Noted historical novelist of all things Napoleonic, M.M. Bennetts has kindly consented to take time out from riding horses across the Hampshire downs to discuss the problem of recreating how people might have spoken long before electronic recording


I’m a perfectionist.  I know, I know, the fastest way to drive yourself crazy.

I’m also a stickler for detail.  Yes, that’s right, the second most direct route to madness.  Particularly if you’re a historian writing historical fiction.

Together these two probably constitute the fastest way to send yourself round the twist, or perhaps the quickest route to total eccentricity.

via Speak the Speech, I Pray You… « Terry Kroenung’s Authorial Bloviations.