We really do live in a global economy… Calling all inveterate readers in the US, CA, AU, NZ…

When we set the publication date for Of Honest Fame, we found that for technical reasons we couldn’t publish in the US before 1st December.  (Long story – one for another time.)

Not to worry, we thought.  We’ll publish in the UK in October and worldwide in December.  Which is what we are doing.

The remarkable thing, in this global village in which we live, is that thanks to the services of The Book Depository, a book published in the UK is available worldwide – and with free delivery too.

We’re even more impressed with The Book Depository than we are with Amazon.  First there’s the free worldwide delivery thing.  We sent a copy of Of Honest Fame to someone in Australia on publication day – the postage cost was around 60% of the book’s cover price.  Whatever The Book Depository is doing to offer free delivery, we’re impressed – because they’re not (unlike some online retailers we could name) demanding an unreasonable discount from the independent publisher – which means a fairer deal for the author, too.

Then there’s their excellent (in our experience, as both customers and suppliers) customer service.

And then there’s the fact that you can pay for your books in sterling, euros, or US, Canadian or Australian dollars.  That last touch is particularly masterful – make it as locally friendly as possible.  Why should you Aussies and Canadians have to worry about exchange rates?

Book Depository, we salute you as exemplifying the acceptable face of the global economy.

(Oh, did I mention that Of Honest Fame is now available worldwide via The Book Depository?  Just in case you’re interested.)


2 comments on “We really do live in a global economy… Calling all inveterate readers in the US, CA, AU, NZ…

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  2. Book Depository’s policy of free shipping is almost certainly going to be a boost for sales in the US – I’ve already got at least two small book clubs interested in buying my book next month since they won’t have to pay excessive shipping charges.

    I’m glad Book Depository does this, though – I bought several books from them last Summer and was pleased with how quickly they arrived, and with the sturdy packaging provided. It’s definitely a beneficial partnership for all involved – publishers, buyers and of course, sellers.

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