Who will get the last word?

We’re very excited about the forthcoming publication of M.M. Bennetts’s Of Honest Fame on 8th October.   And we’re enormously proud of Bennetts’s achievement.  It’s the first time we’ve taken on an unfinished manuscript, so we’ve had the chance to see the book come to life over the past months.  It’s been a privilege to see a real craftsman at work, and it’s a privilege to be publishing this book.  (If you haven’t already, read Bennetts’s latest blog post here.)

While we’re busy finalising the launch events that will be taking place in October and November, here’s something to keep you occupied–a competition for a signed first-edition hardback of Of Honest Fame.  All you have to do is to work out the last word of the book from this cryptic crossword clue:

Cooling system in fast food outlet gives support.  (4)

E-mail your four-letter answer to ohf (at) diiarts (dot) com, quoting LAST WORD in the subject line.  The winner will be drawn from amongst the correct answers out of a suitable item of period headgear, and will be announced on publication day, 8th October.

Please don’t post your answer on the blog or on Facebook.

Meanwhile, you can read the opening chapter online, and if you’re not a cryptic crossword buff, you can pre-order a signed copy.  (If you pre-order a copy and then win the competition, we’ll refund your payment.)

Good luck!


One comment on “Who will get the last word?

  1. […] whet your appetite, you can read the opening online.  And there’s still time to enter our Last Word competition for a signed copy of the […]

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