Call for submissions – still open!

We’re very excited about some of the short stories we have received as a result of last month’s call for submissions.

As we said last month, the opportunity has arisen because a developer has asked to work with us on an iPhone/iPad application.  Once the app is ready, we’ll be offering readers a subscription to a regular download of short stories.  This means that we’ll have an ongoing need for high quality writing.  So – please keep submitting!

If you’ve already submitted but heard nothing, don’t worry – it means that your work is still under active consideration.  We’ll contact you as soon as we know anything.  (The timescale for this project is driven by two things – the development of the app, which is outside our control, and our other commitments in respect of Of Honest Fame and Ask Me If I’m Happy).

If you haven’t submitted but wish to do so, we’d love to hear from you.  Please follow the instructions in the previous post:

  • e-mail your submission to books (at) diiarts (dot) com
  • as an attachment in .doc, .docx, .rtf and .odt formats
  • with SHORT STORY APP in the subject line
  • and please include a 50-word bio and your mailing address and a contact telephone number in your email.

It really does help if you follow these instructions exactly, as it means your e-mail will be routed and stored correctly.

Submissions can be any genre, any length up to 25,000 words, and must be suitable for general release – we cannot accept hardcore or explicit material.  We’re still looking for original (previously unpublished) work if possible; if your story has previously been published in print format, you must be able to offer us exclusive electronic distribution rights.

Bring it on!


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